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Reflecting on how quickly Katy changes

This is my birthday month, and it was time to actually go and visit the local DPS to renew my driver’s license in person. It’s always such a pleasure to go. A slice of the variety that makes up our city! Last renewal, I went to the Katy branch. I’m sure I’m not the only one who really misses the Katy location that closed last year. Leave it to our city to have the friendliest and quickest DMV! Oh well…

I don’t want to go on about the actual renewing process. I want to share how quickly our own lives go by. In the few short years since I got my license, I got married, moved to Katy, had four children, changed jobs, made new friends, lost old friends, and had a host of other experiences of daily life.

Now I am almost 40 – almost being the operative word! – and I’ll have to renew again in person in six years, 2017. Our oldest boy will be 11-years-old. Our triplets will be almost 8-years-old. What will their voices sound like? What will they be like? Will their interests have changed? Will they still enjoy each other and laugh so much? What will their favorite books be? Will we all finally be able to go out together without a diaper bag and a stroller bigger than Dallas?

Will we have the same friends? As the boys grow older and have more experiences, we will meet new families. I recall the song “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. We are always in flux, always changing.

I hope our family will still call Katy home, but what will Katy look like? It has grown so much in the last decade. I remember Katy Mills Mall opening with fanfare. New high schools welcoming thousands of students. New hospitals, restaurants, and the I-10 construction that seemed to never end. It is exciting to think about the future in store for our city.

What are some of your memories of the past decade? Have you seen the Katy boom, or are you part of the growing number of new residents? Welcome, welcome. Please tell us about your Katy life!

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