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Keeping It Clean In Katy

The key to keeping a house clean is not to perform a large cleaning job every so often.  It is doing a little, all the time, and is well worth the “trouble.”  If stains, dirt, and other offenders are left to build up over time, the cleanup becomes overwhelming and unpleasant.  Here are five easy tips to try at home:

  1. Squeegie the bathroom stall and glass after every shower.  Getting into the habit of wiping clean the shower stall after bathing prevents unnecessary buildup from hard water deposits.  Even if you have soft water, keep to this habit.  Soft water still leaves unsightly streaks, and taking just a minute to clean the interior will pay off over time.
  2. Clean the fridge before you shop.  The easiest way to maintain a clean refrigerator is to do a quick “sort and wipe” before you add new items into the mix.  Dump any spoiled food, then use a cloth rinsed in warm water and soap and wipe down the interior.  This three-minute procedure will save you from unnecessary scrubbing later, and your food prep will be more pleasant, as you work from a clean and attractive fridge.
  3. Rotate the pantry items when you stock.  Every time you shop and bring in new items, put those items to the back of the existing rows of cans or boxes.  This ensures the older product is used first, and a major pantry cleanout later is prevented.  This will also save food waste.  (If your pantry does not have rows, we need to talk!  Organizing your pantry is essential to saving money and ensuring a pleasurable family meal time.)
  4. 4. Teach your family to remove shoes at entry. If your house has a lot of carpet, this one tip will save you much trouble and heartache later.  Our shoes track in dirt, dust and animal feces every day, and that’s just what we see.  If there is any dew or moisture on the shoes, that leaves a wet trace, which then attracts dirt, oils, and more dust.  Those then become the unsightly black spots we find on our carpet.  Most of that can be prevented just by removing the offender at the front door.
  5. 5. Spot treat stains on clothes. Again, a simple tip, but a great time and stress-saver for later.  Using a spot pre- treatment on grass, food, dirt, and oil stains on your family’s clothing items will save money and stress in the long run.  (Hint:  For oil stains such as lip gloss or cooking oil, the best stain remover is a small dot of PineSol on the offending area.)

Follow these ideas, and you’re house will look like you hired a cleaning lady.  Remember, pre-treat, pre-clean, and pre-plan.  When these three things are followed on a consistent basis, success will show in your home.

Do you have any tips or ideas that have worked for you in keeping your Katy house clean?  Please share them with us!     

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