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Remembering to be thankful for the people and moments that make life wonderful

Even though it is nowhere near Thanksgiving, I decided to try to make May another month where I try to be grateful for the people and events of my life. We all know life is busy, but so far, I have found that taking the time to be mindful of the richness already in my life helps me to not take it for granted or pine for something more.

Here are my current top five things for which to be grateful. Perhaps your list is similar? We’d love to know!

1.    Children’s laughter. As our triplets turn 2 and become more aware of their surroundings, we hear a lot of laughter. They enjoy interacting with us and with their big brother, who of course, loves to add to all the fun. I have read in some articles that harried moms and dads can defuse a negative behavior by doing something funny for the child to laugh at. I have tried this and it usually works.

2.    Family. I try to call or email members of my family each day. It can sometimes be a long conversation, but it’s usually a shorter, “How are you?” type of communication. Family helps me stay grounded, and after being around children most of the day, even if they are laughing, I often need some adult conversation.

3.    Food. My husband recently volunteered at the Houston Food Bank. He was astonished to learn that most of the people they serve are working families who just can’t afford enough food for the month. I work hard to use up every grocery item and cringe when something goes bad before I can use it.

4.    Quiet time. This is one that I have recently learned to appreciate more. With young children, it is also one that I have had to create for myself. I now wake up at least an hour earlier than they usually do just to see my husband off to work and then to have a little time to prepare for the day. When I wake up just a few minutes before the children, I find that my morning is rushed and I am grouchy.

5.    Katy, Texas. I love living here! From the beautiful parks to the great restaurants, I appreciate that we decided to move here. There isn’t much that Katy doesn’t have: Great grocery stores and shopping are just the tip of what the city has to offer. My husband and I love Alamo Drafthouse and mini golf. My mom can have a spa day right here in Katy, and great hospitals are just up the road. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Please add to my list. What can you be grateful for this month – and all year long?

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