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Katy Life 2017 Digital Edition

Katy Magazine’s Newcomer & Resource Guide for Katy, Texas

About Katy Life
Katy Life is Katy Magazine’s Newcomer and Resource Guide, created exclusively for new Katy Texas families and residents. Packed full of thousands of Katy resources.

Katy Life has insider information about schools, childcare centers, pediatricians, dentists, and family fun galore.  It has everything you will want to know whether you are a newcomer in Katy, Texas or have lived here for years.

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Advertisers! Don’t miss your chance to be part of Katy Life, the beautiful, informative resource and newcomer guide for the greater Katy Texas area.

Published once a year each spring, it’s packed from cover to cover with thousands of Katy Texas resources, local stories, and vibrant photography that capture the essence of the Katy Texas Area.

Katy Life is a sister publication of Katy Magazine and is published with the same outstanding quality and professionalism our readers and advertisers have come to know and trust.
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