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Creech Elementary Students Create Nearly 900 Gingerbread Houses in One Day

Every year in mid-December, the students at Sue Creech Elementary participate in Gingerbread Day festivities during their “specials” time. Emily Silva, a Creech Mom, chairs the annual event.

Parents and the Creech PTA donate supplies such as graham crackers, peppermint sticks, gumdrops, skittles and more, and a virtual army of teachers and parent/family volunteers assist the children (more than 850 students enrolled) in making their own individual Gingerbread Houses to take home. Creech Art Instructor Natalie Sansom kicks off each grade’s production with an instructional overview for the students that combines art and architecture. Then, the organized ensues, and the entire school is filled with the pleasant aroma of goodies event after the students gather up their projects to take home.

2012 -2013 Sue Creech Elementary PTA
Elena Thrun, Principal, Sue Creech Elementary, Katy ISD
Sara Jackson, PTA President, Sue Creech Elementary, Katy ISD








Pictures attached (names left to right):
Creech Art Instructor Natalie Sansom checks out the hard work of 4th graders Evan Dunn, Cole Evans and Diego Zamora









Creech teacher Heather Rozeboom with her student Maren Jensen



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