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Posted November 12, 2010

“Outbacker of the Month” is the most prestigious award students, staff members, volunteers and Partners in Education can earn at Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School. Outbackers exhibit “Koalaty” character, always lend a helping hand, always have a smile on their face and serve as a role model as well as go above and beyond to make OKE an exemplary school.

September Outbackers:
Katie Head, kindergarten; Tyler Brownlee, first grade; Samantha Lucas, second grade; Marissa Stovall, third grade; Brandon Yan, fourth grade; Hannah Kim, fifth grade; Rosanne Robins, staff; and Traci Faulk, volunteer. 

October Outbackers:
Luke Rager and Riley Anne Quarles, kindergarten; Callie Leavell, first grade; Grayson Heilman, second grade; Julia Nicholson, third grade; Jake Adamson, fourth grade; Amanda Watson, fifth grade; Tracy Wilson, volunteer; and Amber Dugosh, kindergarten teacher.

September Outbackers
October Outbackers
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