Katy News Features Spring 2006

Choose a Katy Texas news story from among the Katy news features listed below. Katy Magazine brings you local news about life in Katy, Texas.



Katy Teen Social Season
Katy high school students prepare for Sadie Hawkins, proms, graduations, presentations, banquets and other social events.

Katy Homes Past and Present
The Transformation from Rugged and Rural to Suburban and Sophisticated.

Resort Style Backyards in Katy Texas
Homeowners Create Outdoor Living Spaces for Relaxing and Entertaining.

Katy Texas Folk Life Festival
Katyites of All Ages Are Invited to Step Back in Time.

Katy's Kid-Friendly Country Clubs
Social Events Bring Katy Families Together.

Helpful Resources for Katy Texas
Katy Support Groups.

Laughin’ it Up
Local Comedy Sportz Teams Keep Katy Audiences Rolling in the Aisles.

Life's a Dance
Katy Prairie Promenaders Square Dance the Night Away
with Fellowship and Fun.

Annas Mound
Katy Steps Up to the Plate and Builds a Pitchers’ Mound After a Sad Loss.

Life Flight Touches Down at Taylor High School
All eyes were skyward as students, teachers, and administrators welcomed the Life Flight helicopter ...




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