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Elementary schools around Katy participate in fun, healthy competitions

One of my favorite May activities is helping with Field Day.  Field Day is a day set aside for elementary students to get outside, exercise and have fun in the sun!   As I attended Field Day last week at my children’s school, I was amazed at what a successful and entertaining event it was.  Kudos to our awesome Katy Schools and many parent volunteers!

Before Field Day commenced, there was an “Opening Ceremony”.  The students who had scored the highest in their fitness tests walked around the track holding a torch.  As the torch-bearers walked around the track, they waved to an adoring crowd (the other elementary students and parents) and the crowd cheered loudly.  When the torch was lit, it was time for the games to begin.

Each child was given a piece of paper that listed thirty different activities that they could do during Field Day.  Activity stations filled the gym and the entire playground.  Parent volunteers and teenage volunteers were stationed at each booth.  When a child completed an activity, the volunteer wrote his/her initials on the child’s field day sheet.  Every elementary grade participates in field day, so as you might imagine, it takes hundreds of parent volunteers all over Katy to make Field Day a success.

Activities ranged from running races, to bowling, to water games.  Children happily ran from one activity to the next, knowing that the children who completed the most activities would get ribbons.  It was all I could do to keep up with my excited children.  As soon as they had completed one activity, they were off to the next.  Mothers and Fathers joined in some of the races just to prove they still had some vim and vigor. 

At the conclusion of Field Day, the students gathered in the shade and were each given a Popsicle.  Children chattered happily and parents stood close to their children at the conclusion of a memorable school activity.

What are your favorite school activities?  Please share.

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