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Celebrating the Little Things

As a mother of four boys, I am used to having a less-than-perfectly-clean house. These hot days of triple digit temperatures don’t help keep a house clean. I can’t really send my boys outside to play, so we make do inside with books, blocks, cars, and videos.

Yesterday, I was so proud of myself for enlisting my oldest boy in a quick cleaning job. Singing the “clean up song,” we rapidly made headway into our living room, I mean, playroom. Perhaps you have such a room in your house.

We had been playing with chunky Legos that day. They are huge Legos, not easily missed since they are brightly colored as well. Right after the boys were tucked in, my husband and I collapsed on the couch before starting to get prepared for the next morning. Wouldn’t you know it – I sat right on a blue Lego!

This got me thinking. There is ALWAYS one more toy that we find after we thought all the toys were picked up. It could be hidden under the couch or on the windowsill out of view. Why don’t we find more valuable things than toys? Why isn’t a twenty dollar bill or a winning Lotto ticket or even that important list just out of view? Why is it always a toy?

I tried to get philosophical with the Lego. Maybe we should use that last, hidden toy to remind ourselves that blessings are also all around us. These blessings are hidden from view, although they are there for the finding. Healthy, happy children, a moment alone with a spouse, an e-mail from a good friend, the moment you realize that everyone in your family who had been ill with the latest virus is suddenly on the mend, the fact that at dinner everyone felt like sharing today: all these little blessings are just waiting to be noticed. When I appreciate them, it makes my daily load a bit brighter and easier to carry.

What blessings are hidden from your view? How do you celebrate these tiny gems?

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