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Making Katy PONY History: Six-Year-Old All-Star Team to Compete in World Series

Katy, TX (July 13, 2017) – The Katy Disciples 6U All-Stars team is going to the PONY World Series in Youngsville, Louisiana on July 13-15.  “What makes this so special is that it is the first six–year-old team to make it from the Houston area,” says Shaye Mathew, one of the team parents.

Submitted by Neil & Shaye Mathew | Edited by Katy Magazine

On average, the team practices three times a week for their weekend tournaments, which can include up to five games.

“They have put in so much work and their desire to compete is amazing.  Most of all we have seen these young boys grow right in front of our eyes as parents. They have learned about sportsmanship, character, respect, teamwork, and getting right back up after getting knocked down,” says Shaye Mathew, mother of one of the boys on the team, “and none of this would be possible without the dedication of the parents and our coaching staff.”


The Disciples parents would like to especially thank coaches Warren, Deaton, and Giametta for donating all their time and passing down their love of the game to the boys.

“Coach Warren has devoted his life to these boys and the game of baseball. His will to develop the skills of these boys and his passion for winning come together every time we take the field. Coach Deaton and Coach Giametta are the perfect combination of coaches to keep these kids calm and focused during the game. They make the kids feel like anything is possible,” says Mathew.  “Coaches Mathew and Malizia take the duty of working the dugout, and keeping these boys heads on when something goes wrong. Sometimes there are tears, but it’s their job to make sure they are ready for the next at bat.”

Katy Disciples 6U Line-Up:

  • Camden Traylor
  • Carter Stevens
  • Christian Hernandez
  • Conner Deaton
  • Evan Radovich
  • Hudson Sheffield
  • Jake Russell
  • Landon Malizia
  • Legend Mathew
  • Reed Warren
  • Spencer Sheffield
  • Tye Giametta

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