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HURRICANE HARVEY UPDATE: 5 Important Links Katyites Need to Be Checking  

 Katy, TX News (August 26, 2017) – Sites you should be checking while hunkering down in Katy

1. Road Closures
2. River/Creek Flood Gages
3. Electricity Outage Tracker
4. Harris County Rainfall Map

5. Houston Traffic Map

Here’s the latest on the hurricane as it pertains to Katy 

Although it’s been downgraded to a CAT 1 Hurricane, we are definitely not out of the woods. Street and flash flooding expected for the next few days. 

Meteorologists are expecting 12″ inches of rain today with a total of 30″ over the next few days.

Harvey is expected to stay on Hurricane status through Saturday night and high winds may happen through Sunday. 

Flooding expected around bayous and river basins Brazos, Colorado,etc. 

Harvey is a tornado-happy Hurricane and we may have on/off tornado watches until 1 PM today or later.  TORNADO PREPARATION LINK


  • Stay put. Don’t be on the roads. 

  • If you must be on the roads, don’t drive in water. Cars have been carried away in just six inches of water. 

  • Use 911 only for emergencies. 

Katy Kindness Tip: It’s a great idea to check on your neighbors and friends who may be shut-ins, single moms, or senior citizens. 

Thank you to David Thelan for sending us these important links


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